Cheese is the third most carbon intensive food (after beef & lamb), surprising isn’t it?

No Cow

Once upon a time there was cheese... then there was animal welfare, and then climate change and a realisation that eating another animal's juice was a bit strange.

More pleasure

Now we live in the future and we can melt our hearts (and not the planet) with plant-based cheese made from cauliflower. Why? Well, why the hell not?!

Take us to the cheese

So what makes chizou different?

Plant-based and sustainable

We chose unprocessed cauliflower as the main ingredient for our vegan cheese because it's super local and sustainable. We try source all other ingredients locally too. Some, like coconut oil, does not grow in Belgium but rest assured, we're working on finding alternatives.

Versatile and easy to use

We chose to create a vegan grated cheese alternative as it's such a versatile product to have in your kitchen. Pasta, pizza, nachos, tacos, croque, gratins, raclettes... the opportunities for plant-based meals are endless. Let us know what tasty cheesy recipes you come up with!

melts like real cheese

It melts, it bubbles, it browns. Our vegan cheese melts best when cooked with oven dishes at 180-220 degrees and grills.


We started our food revolution by launching a food waste fighting snack brand 9 years ago. Now we’re on our way to revolutionise alternatives to dairy, starting with cheese. 

Ilana & Michael