Lights, camera... Chizou!

Lights, camera... Chizou!

There's a first time for everything, and yesterday was the first time Chizou appeared on TV 🥳📺

We're thrilled to have been invited on the John Late Show on LN24 to present Chizou as part of a new segment which highlights people who are shaking things up! 

Shaking things up we are: by creating Chizou, our goal is to make plant-based cheese appetising to everyone. Previously a hard core emmental eater? Let us convince you with our pasta lovers. Mozza fan, don't sweat - our pizza lovers has got you covered. 

Watch the segment on the LN24 replay (starting around minute 34 if you want to skip right to the cheese).

And let us know what you think of Ilana's first TV performance in the comments ☺️

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